C4I UAEU Science and Innovation Park November 2016 from nihel on Vimeo.


img_0309In November 2016, Bezeo participated and helped in organizing the innovation week event at UAEU, one of the main activities accomplished by SIP is organizing the first “Challenge for Innovation”. The competition is held during the innovation week from November 20 to 26. The purpose of the Challenge for Innovation is to provide participants with knowledge and skills to write and pitch a business plan in one week. Boot camps, workshops, mentoring, supervision and writing support sessions are designed to inspire participants; help them build a vision, a road map and an action plan; provide them with the tools and techniques to write a concise and persuasive business plan as well as tips to make a compelling pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs and investors.
After five days, the teams submit a business plan, a video that explains their solution / product and a pitch slide deck (5 minutes). After a first evaluation using harmonized criteria, 16 finalists are invited to pitch to a panel composed of experts, who have not read their business plan. The best ten projects are enrolled in the Science and Innovation Park incubation programs: P2M Program “prototypes to Market” or D program that is a new program for social entrepreneurs to start in January 2017.
100+ applications received
35 teams enrolled
181 participants
2 institutions: UAEU and HCT
5 Partners: Institut Mines Telecom; PlusValue; Arab Excellence; Grow Me; Jigsaw img_0625Group
20+ supervisors
19 mentors
6 English instructors
16 workshops – 84 hours
175+ supervision hours
175+ mentoring hours
43 writing support hours
First Place winner is my personal favorite, Braille Eye, a team of six talented and brilliant undergraduate students from United Arab Emirates University: Mahmoud Abdelmalik, Abdulrahman Ghazal, Saifeldden Hatim, Jingru Ma, Faraj AlFaraj and Mohammed Alhammadi. Moreover, they managed to build a strong group with different backgrounds in engineering, business and biology.
Visually impaired people are struggling to use the tools available today to aid them to read. Most of the devices are either very expensive, heavy, needs more than one device to function, difficult to use in their prospective, or a combination of these problems.
Braille Eye is offering a cheaper and lighter technology than the available products. In addition to that it is compacted in one device and designed to be very user friendly in a visually impaired person’s prospective. The device was built as described by our target, visually impaired people in general, by data we collected from surveys.
The Second place was for Hydra IT. The treatment of chronic illnesses commonly includes the long-term use of pharmacotherapy. Although these medications are effective in combating disease, their full benefits are often not realized because approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed. Patients non adherence to medications commonly due to patient forgetfulness can cause serious complications. The complications can be one or more of the following:
1. Death
2. Increased hospitalizations
3. Exacerbation of disease
4. Increased morbidity (sickness)
5. Treatment failures
6. More frequent physician visits
7. Patient satisfaction with therapy Solution
Hydra IT smart phone application will play an active role in reducing the non adherence. The main objective of our application is to remind the user of his medication on time, provide the user with a more convenient way to keep track of the pills count and offer the user to be a part of a community of other people who share the same sickness or disease . The user friendly application will be integrated with pharmacies’ Data Base to automatically send the information to the user.
The third place was Linovate. In UAE and MENA, academia and industries faces the problem of gap in communication. Particularly, small to medium size companies having problems in improving and developing their product or service. Specifically, they don’t usually have R&D department for researchers. Additionally, they may outsource research to experts abroad. Furthermore, researchers and students spend a lot of time and efforts in developing innovative projects that solve real problems of their country while it is not utilized and archived in repositories.
Linovate solution is an on-line platform where it have the profiles of the researchers from the academia as well as the companies’ profiles. The platform is responsible of linking the research question from the companies with the suitable researcher in the academia according to their profile records. Additionally, it recommends the academia research outcome to the applicable industries for development.